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Advisory Services

Financial Advisors at Windsor Street Capital help develop portfolio strategies using managed-type accounts that are usually available only to institutional clients. Managed-type accounts are overseen by a professional investment manager, who tailors a portfolio towards your specific needs. We help you determine the number and type of investment managers required to execute your investment strategy.  Our experience in financial markets ensures that you understand strength and weaknesses and the investment style and strategy of selected investment managers.


Our Financial Advisors believe that investment management selection is critical to long term success of your portfolio and spend considerable amount of time on selecting the right fit for your investment goals. We know how to help you properly diversify your portfolio and manage risk in your portfolio.

Recommended investment managers meet our and yours risk/return criteria and a number of qualitative measures such as their investment philosophy, history, operational integrity, key personnel, tenure and long term risk metrics. Our goal is to select the managers that will be the best in the field to help your portfolio achieve goals such as growth, income, capital preservation or any other financial goals that you might have. Our implementation of your plan takes into consideration: transaction costs, market volatility and tax implications.

Our Financial Advisors will develop a clear and comprehensive communication plan and you will be receiving performance reports, ongoing advice and new ideas. And if your situation or goals change we will be there with you, guiding you towards your new goals.