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Equity Capital Markets



The Syndicate Department coordinates marketing, distribution, pricing and stabilization of Windsor Street Capital managed equity and preferred offerings. Our relationships allow us to participate in Initial Public Offerings and follow-on offerings. We have the ability to support deals of all sizes and types. We work closely with our Research and Investment Banking departments to provide our clients with the deepest understanding of each transaction. Our goal is to provide our clients access to growth companies with favorable risk-reward ratios. Even though we are industry agnostic and work with companies in all industries our focus is on Healthcare & Biotech, Technology and Digital Media. To provide our clients with the best deals we participate in public and private offerings managed by other leading investment banks.


Preferred Equities


For some of our clients preferred equity investments is an excellent way to invest in growing and emerging companies while receiving dividend payments and additional protection. We work with public and private issuers of preferred shares. We help our clients get the information they require to make an educated decision when considering investments in straight preferreds, trust preferreds and convertible preferreds. Windsor Street Capital takes into account credit-worthiness of each issue and provides an opinion whether the yield is in line with the rating. We will also help you understand the seniority of the instrument, payment structure and conversion process.


Mutual Funds


Windsor Street Capital participates in a distribution and sales of new and existing mutual fund offerings. Mutual funds present an excellent opportunity for experienced investors to invest in very specific areas of financial markets or broad markets simultaneously. Our sales and trading team will guide you in your choice of a mutual fund investment vehicle. On some occasions we might propose trades based on the difference between price and fair value for the funds that our team believes are undervalued.




At Windsor Street Capital we can help clients to potentially increase return and reduce risk on their trading or investment portfolios. Depending on market conditions and our view of the market, we might suggest a number of strategies, such as a covered call writing or in some instances writing covered calls and buying puts to reduce the risk of the portfolio and the cost of hedging. Our option strategies can be very creative depending on our clients’ understanding of derivative securities, risk metrics and goals.
The link below explains the Risks of trading options.


Exchange Traded Funds


At Windsor Street Capital we believe that Electronically Traded Funds present an excellent investment or trading opportunities. ETF’s provide an opportunity to trade or invest in a basket of equity instruments at a lower expense ratio. Whether it’s additional diversification, or desire to sell short or buy on margin a basket of securities our sales and trading team will help you with your transaction. There is also a potential for favorable taxation on cash flows generated by an ETF.


International Equities


Given today’s global economy we strongly believe that our clients need to have access to international equity markets to optimize their returns. Windsor Street Capital provides a broad range of opportunities for its clients to participate in international equity markets. Our team will assist you with purchasing international equities directly on foreign exchanges, through American Depository Receipts or through Global Registered Shares.