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Fixed Income Capital Markets

Windsor Street Capital provides a comprehensive array of fixed income instruments to its clients with a diverse set of investment and trading goals and strategies. Our team of market analysts, investment bankers, sales traders and financial advisors knows how to produce quantifiable contributions to our clients’ investment performance.


We pride ourselves on the ability to help clients structure their trades more effectively, optimize their portfolios and get the best execution. Windsor Street Capital’ commitment to understanding our client’s needs helps us deliver highly tailored fixed income solutions.


Our taxable fixed income sales and trading team is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive product knowledge and focused on our clients’ investment returns. This knowledge, combined with deep industry experience and relationships allows Windsor Street Capital to successfully execute its clients’ investment strategies in a wide range of taxable markets including:

  • Corporate Bonds
  • U.S. Government
  • U.S. Agencies
  • Structured Products
  • Preferred Securities
  • Money Market Accounts


Windsor Street Capital offers a broad inventory of new and secondary issues of municipal securities. Our sales and trading team works aggressively in the secondary market to provide our clients’ with the best execution. We have become a trusted partner to our municipal securities investors due to our deep expertise and commitment. Our wide range of municipal securities includes:

  • Tax-Exempt Municipal Bonds
  • Taxable Municipal Bonds
  • Variable Rate Demand Notes
  • Commercial Paper
  • Short-Term Notes