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At Windsor Street Capital our Financial Advisors will help you take the stress out of your financial future. No more feeling anxious about your future, our insurance experts will help you be prepared for unexpected events. Forget what you think you know about insurance. Our Financial Advisors will help you understand the role of insurance in your financial plan. We will help you reduce your financial risks through insurance products such as life and disability insurance.


Our insurance experts will help you take complexity out of insurance products, make you feel comfortable about the products and obtain the necessary coverage for you and your family.

Life Insurance


We will help you ensure that in the event something happens to you or your loved ones that there will be a sufficient income stream. Our insurance experts will help you choose among various options-including term, universal and whole life. Getting the right amount of insurance is very important. Based on your cash flow, discretionary income, age and financial objectives our insurance experts will help you choose the right product with proper coverage.


In addition to the death benefit, life insurance coverage can be used as a retirement savings vehicle. Certain policies can build up a cash value that can be withdrawn tax-free. For some clients it may also be an estate-tax planning vehicle.

Disability Insurance


Unfortunately most people lack adequate disability coverage and rely on their company’s disability policy. Financial Advisors at Windsor Street Capital will help you understand all the moving pieces of your existing policy such as qualifiers and help you attain proper coverage to protect your income.


We strongly believe that proper disability insurance is an integral part of your long term financial plan. We believe that it’s imperative to have a minimum stable cash flow in a case of a temporary or permanent disability. It has helped many people to stay on track and in control of their financial future. If you are a business owner we can help you get a policy that will cover business overhead expenses during the time of your disability to help ensure continuity of your business. Our goal is to help our clients maintain their standard of living and secure their financial future if they are unable to work.