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Wealth Management

Private Client Services


Our Financial Advisors first priority is to meet our clients’ investment goals and provide them with a sense of financial security. Opening an account at Windsor Street Capital allows you to create a relationship with an investment professional who will always be there to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. With the level of personal attention that Windsor Street Capital provides, you will never be left feeling confused or overwhelmed by the amount of information present in today’s financial environment. This personal approach to financial decisions is the Windsor Street Capital difference.

Retirement Planning


We will help you take the mystery out of retirement planning. Even though the retirement scene has changed, we are able to recognize and address the different strategies needed in order to bridge the gap from working until retirement. Our advisors will help you reduce the vulnerability from the unexpected and help you leave the legacy you desire.

Estate Planning


Our team works closely with tax and legal advisors to create comprehensive and dynamic plans for accomplishing the family’s wealth transfer objectives. After planning for maximizing wealth for a senior generation needs and lifestyle, Financial Advisors at Windsor Street Capital focus on the most tax-efficient strategies of transferring wealth to younger generations.

Tax Efficiency


Our goal is to help our clients maximize their after-tax returns. Our Financial Advisors can help you select from a number of asset classes and investment strategies to minimize capital gain recognition and maximize your after-tax returns. Our experts will also help you navigate and invest in taxable, tax-deferred and tax-exempt accounts. Regardless of your tax bracket we will help you make your portfolio tax efficient and take into consideration liquidity associated with tax obligations.

Cash Management


We offer comprehensive cash management services including an extensive selection of money market funds as well as FDIC insured deposit products. As a complement to these sweep vehicles, we offer an array of banking and account management tools to help our clients conduct their personal financial activity and investment transactions more efficiently. We also offer the convenience of full banking services including checking, Visa Gold or Platinum ATM/Debit card with extensive Visa provided protection and privileges, direct deposit and electronic funds transfer capabilities.

Education Planning


Our Financial Advisors will help deter your family’s education needs, project the cost of education, develop a plan and help select the right investment vehicles to reach your goals. Some of the common college savings plan options that we offer include: Custodial Accounts, 529 College Savings Plans, Coverdell Education Savings Account, Traditional and Roth IRAs.

Charitable Giving


Windsor Street Capital will help you implement your philanthropic strategies based on your overall portfolio and wealth management plan. We will work closely with tax and legal experts to provide you with the most tax efficient charitable giving available. Our advisors will select options amongst private foundations, charitable trusts or donor advised funds.